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Baby Feeding

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Baby Feeding

Porridge dripping from the walls. Broccoli wedged down the back of the sofa. Spaghetti stuck to the ceiling. Peas mushed into the carpet. Yes, feeding your little one can leave the house looking like your fridge exploded...twice. Baby will be grown soon with all that nutritious food you’re feeding them, even if they do throw it straight back at you, to the pooch or deposit it in your favourite plant pot! Get them grown up sooner with our range of Baby Feeding gear and find what you need to only make mealtime easier.

Baby feeding can get messy and our range will help make it cleaner. From bibs, bottles, high chairs, sippy cups to cutlery, we have everything you need for bubba's chow time, except your delicious cuisine! With great items like feeding pouches and baby-specific cutlery and dish sets, mealtime will become a breeze. We also cover teething and breastfeeding with pumps, pillows and a selection of teethers. We can even help you wash up after with our selection of drying racks and sterilisers. Baby love, oogaa and Toosh Coosh are some of the great brands we stock. Go through our range today and stock up on what you need to get that little one grown!

The service we offer at The Nile is as comforting as a heart-warming meal. With us, you’ll find all the baby feeding gear you need at the click of a button from the comfort of your couch. With fast shipping, you can get everything you need, delivered straight to your door! If you have any questions or need assistance ordering, our fantastic customer care team are waiting to help you by phone or email. Some of us even have kids ourselves. Discover the perfect recipe for a great online retail experience and shop our range of Baby Feeding today!