The Kennedy Detail

The Kennedy Detail

Vince DiPersio
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  • EAN 9343970005271
  • Title The Kennedy Detail
  • Format DVD (Region 4)
  • Run Time 87 minutes
  • Director Vince DiPersio
  • Genre Special Interest, Historical, History
  • Cast Martin Sheen
  • Year 2012
  • Studio Discovery Channel
  • NZ Rating M-V
  • NZ Rating Detail M Violence


It was their duty to prevent one of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history and they failed a fact that has haunted them ever since. For years the men of President John F. Kennedy's Secret Service detail have kept silent about that terrible day in Dallas but now they've gathered together back at the scene of the assassination and are speaking out about their experiences there for the first time. Revealing gut-wrenching and heartbreaking The Kennedy Detail (in italics) is their story told through their eyes for the very first time.

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The Kennedy Detail