Poetics by Aristotle


Aristotle and Dover Thrift Editions
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  • ISBN
    9780486295770 / 048629577X
  • Title Poetics
  • Author Aristotle and Dover Thrift Editions
  • Category Literary Theory
  • Format
  • Year 1997
  • Pages 64
  • Publisher
    Dover Publications
  • Imprint Dover Publications Inc.
  • Edition
    New edition
  • Language English
  • Dimensions 132mm x 5mm x 212mm


In one of the most perceptive and influential works of criticism in Western literary history, third century B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle examines the literature of his time, describing the origins of poetry as an imitative art and drawing attention to the distinctions between comedy and tragedy. Aristotle helped establish the foundations of Western philosophy, and his influence is evident in philosophical thought today.

Publisher Description

Among the most influential books in Western civilization, the “Poetics” is really a treatise on fine art. It offers seminal ideas on the nature of drama, tragedy, poetry, music and more, including such concepts as catharsis, the tragic flaw, unities of time and place and other rules of drama.

Author Biography

Other works by the renowned classical scholar, translator, and literary critic Francis Fergusson include “The Idea of a Theater: A Study of Ten Plays,” “Sallies of the Mind: Essays,” “Trope and Allegory: Themes Common to Dante and Shakespeare,” and “Dante's Drama of the Mind: A Modern Reading of the ”Purgatorio.
Translator and scholar S. H. Butcher served as editor for the Dover Thift Edition of the “Poetics,” as well as for the “Orationes, Volume 1” by Demosthenes. Butcher is also the author of “Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art,”

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